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Doug Daniel's follow-up letter regarding road resurfacing in Halifax Plantation
Posted on Tuesday, October 07 @ 18:26:22 CDT (387 reads)

Doug Daniel's follow-up letter regarding road resurfacing in Halifax Plantation Phase 1


First, I'd like to thank Gerry Brinton for covering for me. The County's computer system is the next thing to useless. I have received none of your emails regarding the roads and knew nothing of this until Gerry's letter, one my county assistant asked him to write on my behalf. Then came the follow-up from Mr. Sedotto which did arrive, miraculously almost.

The County has since tried to send me your original emails, but it just can't be done with this equipment.

I assume from Gerry's letter the question was repaving roads in Halifax Plantation, probably the County's most valuable unincorporated subdivision and one we would like to remain so. We understand the importance of well maintained streets in preserving a neighborhood's value.

Since Volusia County imposes the maximum gas tax, the gas tax and impact fees have been our traditional road funding sources. Unfortunately, our dwindling gas taxes are barely paying the bonds issued for past road construction, and since 2008, our road impact fees wouldn't pay for a dirt cow path across a two acre pasture.

That leaves general fund money and the money we collect to operate the unincorporated area, the municipal services district money (MSD). The MSD money goes mostly to firefighters and sheriff deputies and their equipment. There isn't much left over, and people are already complaining about the cuts in those services.

We can try for general fund money - the unencumbered money used to fund county functions, but I would not get my hopes up. The residents of Halifax Plantation would need to help me find 3 more votes, not an easy sell to council members who have their own road problems. Unless you have a pothole that would hide a Volkswagen, they may be sympathetic, but they are unlikely to be supportive.

Clearly, we need to do something. Not only do we need to maintain the roads we have, we need to build others. We cannot obtain federal of state grants because we cannot provide matching funds.

Next year, I expect there will be a measure on the ballot for 1 cent or less addition to the sales tax, dedicated to Volusia County roads, construction and maintenance. The passage of such a measure would provide the only practical means of repaving your roads, at least in the medium term.

I hope everyone understands that we go to the polls

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Response to request for resurfacing our roads
Posted on Saturday, October 04 @ 13:51:43 CDT (377 reads)

A thank you to every homeowner who e-mailed the Volusia County Council members requesting that Halifax Plantation Phase 1 be added to the list of roads to be resurfaced in 2015.

A special thanks to Otis Stigler for spearheading this effort.

Below is Mr. Brinton's explanation as to why Volusia County is not including HPP1 in its road resurfacing plan for 2015.

October 3, 2014

Dear Halifax Plantation Resident,

Council Member Daniels has asked that I reply to your inquiry regarding adding the streets in Halifax Plantation onto our annual resurfacing program. I have asked my staff to visually inspect and re-evaluate the condition of the streets as compared to the previous evaluation conducted several years ago at the request of residents. Our findings indicate that the streets like so many other subdivision streets throughout the county are quite worn looking in appearance with typical block cracking characteristic of a soil-cement base beneath the asphalt. The structural conditions, however, are fine and our records do not reflect the streets having needed an above average level of routine maintenance repairs such as filling pot holes.

The financial situation regarding funding our continual maintenance needs as well as any new capital improvements continue to be very bleak. As you may imagine with asphalt prices (being petroleum based) having skyrocketed in recent years and with people driving less our gas tax revenues have declined dramatically. Unfortunately, this means fewer roads can be resurfaced in a timely manner. County roads that we are identifying to be resurfaced first are those that are of most dire need. Besides assessment of the existing pavement condition, two key factors in prioritizing roads to be resurfaced are traffic volumes and the likelihood of damage to the structural foundation if not resurfaced . Keeping our arterials and collector roads in good condition is our top priority because they are traveled the most and at higher speeds.

I wish I could offer you better news. Please be assured that we have seriously evaluated the streets in your subdivision and are trying our best to equitably address all the resurfacing needs in the county with the very limited funds available.

Please feel free to e-mail me at gbrinton@volusia.org or call my cell phone at 878-5020 if you would like to discuss this further.

Gerald N. Brinton, P.E.
County Engineer/
Director of Engineering & Construction

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Re-surfacing roads in HPP1
Posted on Thursday, September 25 @ 15:00:20 CDT (272 reads)

There is a plan for re-surfacing roads in Volusia Co. Last year seven projects made it on the list. I spoke with Jason Davis' office and they directed me to the paving department. They are in the process of compiling a new list for the next year. It would greatly help if the residents of Phase 1 were to contact our representatives and let them know our desire to be placed on the list for the re-surfacing of our roads. We elected these men to work for us and promote our interest. We need to let them know what our needs are.

Thank you for your interest.
Otis S. Stigler

My e-mail (below) was short and to the point
Contact: jdavis@volusia.org and ddaniels@volusia.org.

Representative Daniels,

Would you please check to ensure that Halifax Plantation Phase 1 roads are placed on the next year’s re-surfacing plan. As you may know our roads are over 25 yrs old and the asphalt is thin and cracking.

Thank you,
Otis Stigler
3933 Tano Dr.
Ormond Beach 32174

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