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Tree Memorial for Lois Stigler
Posted on Thursday, December 07 @ 22:32:57 EST (142 reads)
Announcements The Community Relations Committee for the Halifax Plantation Ph. 1 HOA has been approached to honor and remember the long-standing Chairwoman of this committee, Mrs. Lois Stigler who died November 08, 2017. Lois worked diligently and persistently to preserve the quality, beauty, and warmth of our neighborhood. She greeted every new resident personally, providing a welcoming smile, valuable information about the area, coupons, and important contact numbers. Always pleasant and respectful, Lois would point out the things she loved about living here, including caring neighbors and the natural setting. So many of us have noted that Lois was the first person we met upon moving into our new homes.

In her honor, the CRC is proposing we plant a tree. Many of her friends have already offered support and wish to contribute to help make this possible. If you wish to contribute, you may do so by contacting any member of the CRC: Laine Keltner (386) 265-1178; Nancy Nielsen (515) 476-4017, or Robin Polletta (248) 390-6956. Checks should be made out to either Laine, Nancy or Robin, with the memo line: Lois Stigler Memorial Tree Fund. You will be given a receipt. Contributions will be accepted through December 22nd. Funds collected will be given to the Chairman of the HOA Landscape Committee, Bob Lund, who has agreed to work with Elias Corey to identify, select, purchase, site and plant the tree. The planting time, date and place will be announced in advance. All Phase 1 residents will be invited and encouraged to attend.

Thank you.

Ph 1 Community Relations Committee
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