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Fall Community Garage Sale
Posted on Wednesday, August 09 @ 11:47:24 EDT (194 reads)
Announcements SAVE THE DATE:

Fall Community Garage Sale

October 13 & 14 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Mark your calendars!!!!!!
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Meet and Greet message
Posted on Saturday, July 22 @ 11:37:40 EDT (470 reads)
Announcements Meet and Greet message from the Community Relations Committee:

A good time was had by all who attended the Twilight Dinner at the Plantation Country Club on 7/19/17. Forty-six residents attended the Meet and Greet event introducing themselves to neighbors, sharing experiences and passing the bread and butter. Although the room’s acoustics were as loud as the Correspondents Dinner, no-one seemed to be deterred. A suggestion/idea-box was for future Community Social events yielded very interesting, creative and diverse results as follows:

# Do more of these events- submitted by 4 persons
# Gather at the Plantation Bar for Piano or Karaoke night
# Donate door prizes at next event (wine, beer or cider)
# Dog Walking Day
# Dog parade with hot dogs at finale
# Doggy park at Dakota
# Progressive Dinner with attendees contributing Appetizers, Entrée Desert and associated beverages
# Pot Luck Diner
# Neighborhood Picnic
# Block party on cul-de-sac
# Poker Games
# Card Group (Canasta and Pinochle)
# Garden Club submitted by 2 residents
# Lectures: ( I E Photography, Informational health series , Local business presentations)
# Paint Ball War between Phase I and Phase II
# Costume Party
# Theme Party – Have an item or dress ornamentation related to the history of your street name.
# Biking group
# Golf group or League
# Road rally with scavenger hunt
# (Feral Hog) Pig roast

Additional Suggestions:
* Change signage for Board Meeting to underline that residents are Welcome.
** Suggestions for landscaping improvement, "beefing-up" common areas and grass cutting at entrance were forwarded to the Landscape and Pond committee.

Residents making suggestions are always invited to contact the appropriate committee with specific details.

All in all, the Meet and Greet dinner provided a forum for friendly introductions and interactions. There was lot’s of laughter, congeniality, bantering and an exchange between residents which was previously limited to their dog and people walking. People expressed satisfaction with their meals. Special thanks to the Bob Lund who "Blasted" the invite, all the neighbors, who invited their neighbors, Carol Bycel and Carol Lynn Bari who offered help and assurances, Liddy, Jacob, Jasmine and Marie at the Halifax Plantation Country Club and the CRC sisterhood of "Socialites", encouraged by their men.So, here’s to flavorful and fun forums like this and the Community of Residents,who can go further with other inventive events!
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