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Found Cat
Posted on Friday, November 28 @ 11:37:59 CST (496 reads)
Announcements Young declawed B&W "tuxedo" cat arrived early Thanksgiving day on Cree Dr. Very friendly and has shown no inclination to leave. We'll happily take care of him but would like to help him home if he's lost.

Call Scott at 207-370-9191

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9 Volt Battery Storage Warning
Posted on Monday, November 24 @ 14:40:08 CST (351 reads)
Announcements Be aware: Storing 9 volt batteries improperly can be dangerous

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Vehicle Burglaries - Plantation Bay
Posted on Saturday, November 22 @ 21:05:00 CST (464 reads)

This information is not intended to alarm anyone but simply to make our homeowners aware of our surroundings.

I received a report from Crime Mapping that between November 11th and the 16th there were reports filed of one stolen vehicle, one theft, and eight vehicle burglaries. All of the events occurred in the Southern end of Plantation Bay and West of I-95. I will contact the VCSO and ask if there were any suspects identified and what is the status of the investigation.

Meanwhile.......remember to ALWAYS lock your vehicles, even in your own driveway! Never leave valuable items in your car unattended. It only takes a few minutes to takes valuables inside, including firearms. Never leave items in your car that can be seen simply by looking into the car through the window. If in doubt a burglar may be more inclined to break-in if they see something that MIGHT be of value.

Remember that Neighborhood watch is a system of observing and reporting suspicious activity. Report anything suspicious to the VCSO at 386-248-1777.

Follow-up from Joe:

I spoke to Sergeant Turner of the VCSO, District 3 substation, and he informed me that they have identified some subjects and are actively working the case. He also indicated that some property had been recovered.

When asked if there was anything we needed to be aware of he only indicated that we should keep our vehicle locked and all valuables out of sight......sounds familiar right. He further added that most of those cases were from unlocked cars but they also broke some windows.

I requested that if he learns of any other information we should be aware of to please call me. If I get anything I will pass it on to you.

“Eyes and ears, observe and report!!!”

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