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Feral hog update
Posted on Wednesday, August 26 @ 20:05:30 CDT (18 reads)
Announcements Good news regarding the feral hogs!!!

We contacted Phil Rand, Park Manager of the Tomoka Basin State Parks, requesting an update on the feral hog population in the parks. Our particular interest was the status of the "hog hunters" and if there are plans for the hunters to continue to remove feral hogs from the state parks. Mr. Rand's reply to us is below.
Good News
August 26, 2015

* The contracts for hog removal at Bulow Creek State Park and Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park have been extended until 2020!

* The park is about to begin using a new highly sophisticated automated hog trap.

* This automated trap can be triggered by phone and can take out over 20 hogs at one time. The trap can show you what is in it by photo so you only trigger it when hogs are there.

* The automated trap will be moved around to areas where the need is the most.

* 324 hogs were removed in the last year and a half.

* The contractors worked some new areas and removed some very large hogs last year. the largest was almost 300 lbs.

* Unfortunately we have experienced a hog release again, this is evidenced by short snout hogs of varying color such as all white. These hogs have been noticed in the Pine Tree Drive area.

With the new trap and the extended contracts we are on a good path to do everything we can to reduce the feral hog population!

Thank you, Phil

Philip Rand
Park Manager
Tomoka Basin State Parks
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2099 North Beach Street
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Office: (386) 676-4075
Cell: (386) 527-0237
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Revised R&R regarding trash cans and yard waste
Posted on Saturday, July 11 @ 10:26:34 CDT (689 reads)
Announcements Notice: Revised R&R regarding trash cans and yard waste

Dear homeowner,

The attached letter was included in the recent assessment letter sent to each homeowner in our community.

This document will be added to our website. You can find it by clicking on Documents in the Main Menu and scrolling down to Legal.

Dear Homeowner,

In their continuing effort to maintain the aesthetic appearance of our community the board adopted additional guidelines to the Protective Covenants; N. Garbage and Yard Waste collection.

The new guidelines are found below in italics and underlined.

It is the board’s hope that everyone will appreciate and understand the reason for adding these statements to the R&Rs and will cooperate in this endeavor for the benefit of our community

Rules and Regulations; VII Protective Covenants

N. Garbage and Yard Waste collection

Garbage deposited outside for collection shall be placed in the containers provided by the county and placed on the driveway next to the curb, 3 feet from other objects, with the handles towards your home. In addition you may have a plastic bag if needed. All lot owners shall be responsible for promptly removing and properly disposing of any and all items of their garbage which may be spilled onto their lot, adjoining lots or the adjacent streets as a result of cans being tipped over. Garbage containers are not to be put out any sooner than the day before pick-up. Garbage containers, when stored on property, are to be concealed from view of the road.

All yard waste is to be placed on the owner’s property next to the driveway. No yard waste is to be put on other lots, vacant lots, on right of ways, or on Association property. The storm drains in our community are critical to our drainage system and need to be kept clear of yard waste. In addition to the debris that can clog the drainage system, fertilizers and insecticides are detrimental to the ecosystem of our pond. Volusia County contractor will not pick up yard waste from common areas. Palm fronds and limbs need to be neatly stacked (no need for bundles). Limbs may not exceed 4 feet in length or 1 foot in diameter and must weigh less than 60 pounds. Homeowners who do not comply with Volusia County contractor’s regulations, and have waste left over 4 days, could have such waste removed by the Association at the homeowner’s expense. Yard waste is not to be put out any sooner than the day before pick-up or placed on vacant lots. Yard waste, including but not limited to, trash cans, plastic bags, and pile(s) of yard debris are to be concealed from the view of road prior to the day before pick up.

(Approved by the board on May 19, 2015)

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